Varun Duggirala

Varun Duggirala, Co-Founder & Content Chief, The Glitch, is one of the leading voices in modern advertising.

He co-founded The Glitch in 2009 and has since helped it to grow to be one of the most premier new-age creative agencies in the country. In 2017, it was acquired by global advertising giant WPP.

Through his popular podcast ‘Advertising is dead’, Duggirala talks about the changes, developments and disruptions in the business of Advertising, Media, Content and Entertainment.

He is a strong believer that content is going to drive the brandscape and will provide the reframing of the narrative around the advertising and marketing industrial complex.

He spends way too much time staring at screens and talking into mics but is also someone who is always open to having a conversation about anything.

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